Dryer Vent Service

Dryer vent repair, cleaning, and installation services.
Say goodbye to the long hours waiting for your clothes to dry.  Contact Mr. Chimney Cricket to schedule to have your dryer vent cleaned. Our team provides exceptional vent cleaning services for residential dryers of every variety.

Is your dryer vent damaged?
Mr. Chimney Cricket will be happy to offer major and minor vent repairs of every variety.  We will take a look at your vent system right away. When we perform a vent inspection, we usually check to ensure that there is no air leaking from your dryer vent and look for potential fire hazards. No matter what the problem may be, we will identify and correct it in no time at all.

At Mr. Chimney Cricket, we believe that our work speaks for itself. Our professional dryer vent cleaning services will help you save money, cut back on drying times, and prevent fires in your home. Call us at (650) 368-0695 to schedule an appointment.