Mr. Chimney Cricket is an honest, hard working, skilled professional. He also happens to be funny and full of helpful knowledge about fireplaces, holiday recipes, shop vacs, basically anything you could imagine.

We called because we moved into a new house and the fireplace wasn’t drawing well. He was here within 30 minutes, charged us exactly as quoted, and did an excellent job. We couldn’t be happier.

C S.
Palo Alto, CA

I received excellent service and guidance by calling about a product which they did not carry, but suggested other suppliers who might be able to help. This was the most unselfish and professional attitude I had experienced in a long time. I want to recommend this establishment to everyone. For sure I will remember to use them for chimney, dryer vent and other household services when needed.

Ray A.
Los Altos, CA

Great service. Friendly and reasonably priced. Would definitely use again.

C B.
West Menlo Park, CA

This guy is high-larious. He’s seriously a grandpa-type: filled with silly “third-grade” jokes (his words, not mine), all sorts of advice about house safety (thanks for all the tips, man), and really hilariously kooky while getting the job done super efficiently.

I called at 8am hoping to get an appointment for that day, and apparently there isn’t an office and it goes right to his cell… which is fine except I guess he was driving while trying to talk to me and there was all sorts of static and interference. He promised to call back in an hour, which he did, and we set up an appointment at 4:00pm to clean both of the chimneys at my house.

He’s also honest – let us know that the previous tenants of our house replaced the spark arrestor on one of our chimneys with window screen, and let me know how to replace it so we didn’t have to pay to have him do it. He never pressured me, and let me know exactly what I needed from Home Depot. He also let me work while cleaning the chimneys, only to pop in occasionally to tell me jokes (“Oh hey, I didn’t find any red in the chimney.” “Huh?” “So looks like Santa didn’t get stuck”)

He said it would take around two hours but he was out after 1.25 hours, which was nice. Great guy, really funny and caring, and I will definitely use him for cleanings in the future.

Tracy O.
San Mateo, CA

Mr. John Cline, owner of Mr. Chimney Cricket, came within 30 minutes of my husband’s initial call and provided us a quick estimate over the phone. We were having issues with our dryer and learned from a Sears representative whom we paid $75 to tell us that “it’s not the dryer, but it’s the vent that needs to be cleaned.” Sears does the dryer vent cleaning for $199, Coit Svcs. charges $250, but Mr. Cline provided an outstanding professional service for $100. He is a very congenial gentleman who is an avid professional with a charm and a good sense of humor. He infers trust and has a great social skills, establishing rapport with his clients. He finished all the work within two hours and even recommended actions for future improvements on the dryer vent. I highly recommend his service and company. Excellent work, great price, and a fast service.

Aurora V.
Palo Alto, CA

Someone once told me that I should get my chimney inspected and cleaned once a year. So I felt really guilty that I was going on 2.5 years without one.

He has personality. Talkative but pleasant. I’d way rather have a talkative and pleasant person than a grumpy, quiet one! Excellent advice and reminders to change the batteries in the smoke and CO2 detectors.

We knew our chimney was in good condition and I was glad he didn’t try to upsell us on pricey work. We have a tiny bit of missing mortar in the firebox and he told us to go and get a tube of high temp. mortar and squeeze it in there.

I wish I could give a more comprehensive review but it was my husband that stayed home for this appointment. I was only there for the first 30 minutes.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to call him back out again next year.

Cali L.
San Carlos, CA

John Cline (Mr. Chimney Cricket) is charming, sweet and entertaining. I never would have expected that having a chimney sweep to the house would be so fun and so enlightening! Not only did he clean our chimney, he asked good questions and offered solid suggestions about other things, like the intake registers, the furnace, the spark arrestor, type of wood used, use of heat reflector, ventilation, etc.

J. N.
Redwood City, CA

We had our first fire of the Holiday season last night and smoked the house out. We clearly couldn’t have any more fires until the chimney was swept. Read a bunch of reviews on Yelp and decided to try Chimney Cricket. I called him about 9:30 on a Sunday morning and to my delight, John said he was available to come out the same day! He came about 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon and was done in about an hour. The whole time was peppered with 3rd grade jokes as other reviewers have mentioned (“Why did the lollipop cross the road? It was stuck to the chicken…”) and lots of good suggestions about smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc. He was neat and tidy and left things in great condition.

Overall I was thrilled to find someone who would come out on a Sunday. Didn’t do price shopping so I don’t know how competitive his rates are but happy to recommend him.

Peter O.
Palo Alto, CA

John was great, he offers a lot of good useful information as well. When I called him he was able to set an appointment right away for New Years Day at noon, he was here on time, did a great job and there was no mess when he left. I will be calling him back next year for another cleaning.

Chris B.
San Jose, CA